Slovenia, July 2008

Changes in the weather forecast during our stay in Slovenia gave us some challenging days of fishing. When we arrived to Slovenia the water level was high on Soca and Idrijca. We had to concetrate our fishing to the tributaries where the fishing was really, really good after Marble trout, Soca Graylings, Brown trout and Rainbow trout.

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Slovenia, April/May 2008

High water level on most of the rivers in the Socavalley. Baca and Trebuscica river was the only fishable rivers during our stay which also gave us some memorable marble trouts.

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Slovenia, July 2007

Summer vacation and what can be better then a trip to Croatia through Slovenia and a couple of days fishing. It was hot, th rivers was crystal clear and the fishing was pretty good.

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Slovenia, May 2007

May fishing in Slovenia is fantastic. Mats, Jonas and I went down for one week of fly fishing. The
Soca river was a little bit high and murky but all the other rivers in the valley was in perfect conditions
and we hade once again a great week down in Slovenia.

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3 Slovenia, October 2006

The first autumn fishing trip for me which was great even if the whole week was lined with rain
and fog expect for the first and last day when we actually saw the sun... We knew that the
weather is changing fast upp here in the mountains but we took the chance to go down and
we had a great time fishing

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2 Slovenia, July 2006

Vacation means fishing time and so even this summer holiday. On our way down to Croatia we
did our mandatory stop in Slovenia to fish in the Soca valley as usual.

Our friend Mats who already was down in Bosnia with his family had the chanse to came up visit
me during one day which was his first time in Soca valley. He will probably not forget the great
fishing we had and he will probably be back pretty soon i guess.

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1 Slovenia, 2003 - 2005

Pictures from my trips down to Slovenia during 2003 to 2005. The first time down was amazing
with the fantastic nature, high mountains, crystal clear water and great pools where I caught
great trout\s and graylings...